K3 Mosaic South Sinking Headframe Demolition

K3 Mosaic South Sinking Headframe Demolition

Location: Esterhazy, SK

Surface Area: Demolition of  140 Foot High Steel Structure

Category: Projects

Owner: Silverado Demolition

Spring of 2020 – K3 Mosaic Sinking Headframe Salvage & Demolition

This Project involved:

Developing the engineered demolition plans. Create the methodology, the TRAP packages put together to manage the salvage and demolition of the K3 South Sinking Headframe in Esterhazy, SK working alongside HATCH for Mosaic Project.

The team arrived on site spring of 2020. In Saskatchewan, that means weather is snow, rain, thunder/lightning storms and wind!

Once salvage items were removed, inventoried and relocated for the client, the upper penthouse was prepped and removed with the crane from the headframe structure.

The High Reach was on site to conduct shearing activities and demolish the headframe with the support of the other excavators and various attachments to maintain housekeeping and removal of steel sections.